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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 30s Are Back!!!!

by David Madgalene

Streamlined automobiles and
chassis-built women in spicy scarves and
French berets wearing man-tailored flannel suits
with skirts above the knee
Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew
in her nubby tweed dash-about
and when you said Shirley Temple
you were talking about America’s biggest movie star
you didn’t mean to say a tee-totaler’s choice of beverage
The 30s are back!!!!
Pennies from heaven
fires in the Reichstag
J. Edgar Hoover American idol
and the trains run on time
For Whom the Bell Toils
As I Lay Dying
Look Homeward Angel
Tender Is the Night…and Day
Cole Porter Billy Holiday
when TV was a Bela Lugosi matinee
when Perry Mason was a pulp fiction hero
before he morphed in Raymond Burr
and Della Street was hot
before Shemp went solo
‘cause he was just a gigolo
and radio was a Chesterfield king
The 30s are back!!!!
Jesse Owens does Berlin
Marlene Dietrich goes Hollywood
and Alfred Hitchcock is still in London
Bette Davis is all tied up (get it? Of Human Bondage)
and Joan Crawford converts the preacher (amen)
Max Baer beats Joe Louis
and then oh yeah Joe Louis beats Max Baer yeah baby!
The 30s are back!!!!
Clark Gable picks up Jean Harlow (literally)
throws her over his shoulder
carries her off into the jungle
a la Johnny Weismuller as Tarzan
she’s kicking and screaming and hollering
And Clark tells her:
It’s about the shoes baby
it’s all about the shoes
don’t kid your pretty little platinum blonde head Jean
it’s not about you…
it’s about your gothic Cordex stockings
and your gabardine girdle
it’s about your genuine raccoon Polartex manchurian wolf-
trimmed American broadtail “processed lamb” dog fur
it’s about the smart and snappy alligator collar on your heel
and yes Jean I copped all of this from the Sears catalogue
and oh yes and I quote “Pearls are always in vogue”
The 30s are back!!!!

David Madgalene's publications from the early '90s to the present include The Santa Clara Review, The Paterson Literary Review, House Organ, Nielzine, Jack Magazine, Big Bridge, Poetry Farmer’s Almanac, Tiger’s Eye, Logos, Pirene’s Fountain, HSU Toyon, North Coast Xpress, Sonoma County Peace Press, Sonoma County Literary Update, Dritto, Tribes, The Flying Dog, God's Bar: unplugged, The Opossum Observer, Trans, The Asheville Poetry Review, Planet of the Apes, Street Beat, Out 'n About, Next, Peking Duck, Freedom Isn't Free, Free For All, Transmog, Technique, The Babylon Beacon, Bellicose Letters, Red Palm, Gutterpuddle, Royal Vagrant Press, Wyld Mountain Times, Black Cross, Collage, The Babylon Review, The Pannus Index, Raveann, FTS, One Dog Press, Hot Wheel, Sidelines, Curious Rooms, Abbey, River King Poetry Supplement, Denial Rejection Addiction, Peaky Hide, Art Mag, ZYX, The Boulder Planet, Eratica, Slugfest, Big Intersection, Kindler, Interzone, Mindset 13, Missing Spoke, Liquid Ohio, Mind Purge, Hellp, Asheville African-American, #1, Poetry Motel, Children Churches and Daddies, Whisper, The Assertor, Haywire, Orpheus Grid, Buffalo Bones, The Web, Mungo vs. Ranger, The Boulder Weekly, Earspank, Tight, Ibbetson Street Press, Pitchfork, Superior Poetry News, The Catbird Seat, Kitty Litter, Five AM, Perimeter,, Slugfest, Suisun Valley Review, Unwound, Artscan, Blind Man's Rainbow, Not Dead But Dreaming, Riprap, The Ultimate Unknown, For Immediate Release,, Logos, View*Point, The Rag, All Kinds of Love, Love Healdsburg,, The Kindler, Rain Taxi, 100TPC Poetry Wall, etc. 

David's work has been anthologized in "Come On Let's Pray," (Nashville 1974),"Something We Can't Name" (Nashville, 1997), "Jumbo Shrimp" (Boulder 1997),"Twittering Machine" (Boulder, 1998) and “Indicting God (Pueblo, Co, 1999)and “Ghost Town Poetry” (Vancouver, WA 2011). Esther #5 (9/96, Orange, Ca) was devoted exclusively to David's work.

Friday, July 29, 2011

World Poet

World Poet,
thank you

for not asking

my credentials.

Thank you

for not asking

where I went

to school.

Where have I

been published.

What books

have I written.

World Poet,

thank you

for your incredible courage.

I live in a free country

where I can say

pretty much anything

(and I have)

and nobody hears.

World Poet,

you speak for others

beside yourself.

You speak the truth.

World Poet,

you write at

the risk of





World Poet,

thank you

for showing

me that poetry


Thank you

for showing

me that I, too,

can be important,

if I, too, can

be brave.

(by David Madgalene)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Continent of Light

Title: Continent of Light

Editor: David Madgalene

Contributors: Gordon Yaswen, Randelyn C. Webster, Mike Tuggle, Forest Staggs, Bill Scheffel, Michael Rothenberg, Christine Peasley, Toni Partington, James Miller, Errol Miller, David Meltzer, Andrew Mayer, Clive Matson, Juanita J. Martin, Jym Marks, Tom Mariani, Carl Macki, Christopher Luna, Kirk Lumpkin, Leah Lubin, F. L. Light, Katherine Hastings, Nancy C. Harris, Daniel Y. Harris, Kathy Halbrooks, Don Hagelberg, Philip Hackett, Granny Vee, Erica Goss, judi goldberg, Vilma Ginzberg, Joan Gelfand, Armando Garcia-Dàvila, Stefanie Freele, Karl W. Frederick, Eileen Davis Elliot, Nancy Cavers Doughtery, Geri Digiorno, Jack Crimmens, Ed Coletti, John Chinworth, Neeli Cherkovski, Rikki Chen, Terri Carrion, Jennie Frost Butler, Natascha Bruckner, Abby Lynn Bogomolny, Big Sway, Cynthia Helen Beecher, David Beckman, Michelle Baynes, Jennifer Barone, and Terry Adams

Cover by Christopher J. Luna

Pub Date: January 27, 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1456348250
ISBN-10: 1456348256
Genre: Poetry / General

List Price: $10.00
8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
104 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace
Contact Person: David Madgalene