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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Redwood Cafe First Sunday Series
 World of
  Celebrating the contributions of Sonoma
 County Poets to the new “World of Change”

David Beckman
                      Ed Coletti
                   Elizabeth Herron
                      Carl Macki
                     Andrew Mayer
                   Phyllis Meshulam
                    Jeanne Powell
                     Bill Vartnaw
                    Margo van Veen
                     Gor Yaswen

MC: David Madgalene
Series Host: Geri DiGiorno

Sunday, July 6, 2014. FREE and open to the public. REDWOOD

CAFE, 8240 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, CA. 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

Robin Ildebrandt

The year is 1966. Robin Ildebrandt, age 12, runs away from home and joins the FBI. Robin is immediately taken under wing by legendary FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, and Assistant FBI Director, Clyde Tolson. However, after Robin and Clyde botch the infiltration of Girl Scout Troop 2673, by way of punishment, using the notorious "Philadelphia Method," Mr. Hoover teleports Robin and Clyde to Moscow for a dangerous undercover assignment...

"Robin Ildebrandt," the new novel by David Madgalene, is now available from Amazon. Below is an outtake:

The question is not whether we'll die, 
Robin, the question is how...
is there anything more courageous—
no, let me put it another way... 
is there anything more important than to 
formulate a pattern for meaningful living,
and to live our lives accordingly? Thus 
to face death with dignity, secure in 
the knowledge that we have lived guided by 
our highest values? How a man dies says a lot 
about him, and the life he's led—
think about it.
A rich man dies because of gout, 
a poor man of starvation. 
A soldier dies fighting, 
a coward is shot in the back. 
A revolutionary gives his life to the people, 
a drunkard dies in his cups. 
That's why some people are afraid to die, 
Robin, and that's why other men kill 
themselves. Those who are afraid to die are those who know that they have failed to live up to their highest values, and fear judgment, from God, if they believe in one, or if not God, posterity; and those who kill themselves do so not because they have failed, but, alas, because, the world and their comrades have failed them…your death reveals the truth of your existence, gives the lie to the life 
you lived. You might say, 

Death has the final word.