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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Prayer to the Earth Goddess by Kirk Lumpkin

You, who give us life
         and embrace us
in death,
You, of the endless cycle
         of giving and receiving,
You, who are the life force
         flowing through all living beings,
You, the infinitely bountiful,
the infinitely beautiful,
who we have disfigured
as though your beauty
was not good enough
for us,
You, who are forever young,
         who we have made to appear
         old and withered,
Please forgive and bless us,
         be merciful,
and help save us
from ourselves
and help save
the many other beings
whose survival
we threaten;
help us grow up,
as a species
         and quit being
         your ungrateful, destructive
Please rise up,
         and help us,
heal us,
heal yourself—
You have enough power:
To roll the highways up
         like giant tongues
         and let the soil
         laugh in flowers
To send pulses of energy surging
through city after city
across the grid
blowing out
their electrical systems
like candles on a planet-sized birthday cake,
blowing out
the dams holding back
immense waves of gleaming night
that will come rolling in
carrying dancing stars
and darkness,
the darkness
we are still afraid of,
To drown our minds in dream-time waters
         of forgetfulness
         where we forget our greed for consumer goods,
         where we forget our culture,
         and remember our dreams
remember our bodies,
         and the holiness
of your body,
To make the American delusion  
         of infinitely expanding material wealth
         that has infected the whole world
         and drives the global economy
         to suddenly
         leaving only a shadow
         like someone walking down the street
         in Hiroshima
on that fateful day,
To focus a lightning storm of spiritual energy
         crackling through the world wide web
         melting down all the computers
         and leaving people connected
         to each other and the ecosystem
         by a humming glowing
mycorrhizal network
of shared consciousness,
To bring back
the flickering shadows
of the ghost dancers,
         renewing their bodies
followed by
swaying crowds
         of all the creatures driven into extinction
by man,
         all rising up
and living again.
Yes, I know your power
is as great as this,
         but I also know
         that much
of what I’ve written here
is only a poetic conceit,
merely my imaginings
and this is not the way
you work,
         this is not the way
you move.
Your mode
         is the magic of photosynthesis
         flowing through countless loops
of green power cords
energizing the gentle
and fierce strength
of animal life,
the continuation of the
caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly circle,
the transformation
from rot to fertility,
the climaxes of sex,
the miracles
of birth and death,
         the changes of the seasons,
         and your slower
         deeper movement
that was
the creation of life
on this planet
and is
But you also move
with the rapidity of wildfire
and with global warming going viral
we could soon be lost
in the conflagration,
first our culture
and then our species
going up in smoke
like the weedy brush
of exotic invasive plants
in a Redwood Forest
where the spiritual fire has been suppressed,  
and the old growth trees
are licked by flames,
but still live on.
While we live
like aliens
in your world,
standing cynically apart
unwilling to join
in your dance,
but please give us
another chance
and maybe we
could make a come back
like the native plants
underneath those great
Redwood trees
to our own
you have offered us
a relationship
with you
that embodies
motherly love
and the orgasmic ecstatic energy of bliss,
and we should have held you close
like our Mother,
and we should have held you close
like a lover,
and we should have walked in your ways
as constantly
as the course of the moon,
but we have been too
with our machines, computers, and television,
with our highways, cars, and cities,
and what we think we can control
and in our refusal
to fully accept
your love
we have grown estranged
from you
and your other species.
The changes we need to make
         to bring us back into balance
         with the rest of your creation
         we know you can’t make for us.
And we have already
set in motion
wars, plagues, droughts, and famines
         as we slide toward the edge
         like an iceberg on a hot tin roof.
And even as I ask
for your mercy
I cannot say for sure
we deserve it.
But like every other species
the seeds of fire inside us
that we received from you
keep tenaciously calling us
to continue living
in your world.
Please do not let us
         burn up
burn up our arrogant controlling madness,
         burn up our greedy need to own everything,
burn up the straight jackets of our cultural mindsets,
burn up our compulsion to populate
every inch of the planet with humans,
burn up our overpowered egos
with our own internal combustion;
Reawaken in us our spirit flames
with a spark from your molten heart,
help a new kind of hero
grow in us,
let us meet whatever comes
with our inner spiritual fires
         that have in them
the dancing power
         of  love,
         and co-creation
         of a reborn world
         weaving itself
         together again.

And if we are not worthy
of anything more
         please at least allow
a few grimy humans
to crawl out of the ashes
of the apocalypse
and be let back
into the dance
with You.