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Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Time-Place" by Gordon Yaswen

There is a place
which is placeless
(when you’re there,
there’s nowhere else)
sufficient to itself
as that of stage-set,
museum diorama,
that story that opens:
“In a far land…”
It’s walled from outer realms,
because irrelevant.
Here is all that counts,
where is each essential,
for all gifts to happen.
It is your place;
that piece of Everywhere
given to this life
that you might have
where to live it.

There is a Time
out of all time,
like an old foto,
a sacred recall,
or that “someday”
you often talk of;
sliced from all flow
as by sharp knives,
to grant you piece
to have your own
event to be lived.
That bit of Forever;
won’t go anywhere
but that you think it does
and miss the movement
….is only you,
passing from one
now to next,
unfeeling the pause
as you cross borders.
That moment goes ever
sideways from the flow
upwards into space,
while we hurry on
thru unseen walls
of one instant to another,
never looking up
to see wherein
Eternities stand.

These times and places
we are asked to live
but seldom do,
intent on next and other.
Perhaps if sliced
from all the rest,
we might know
how central they are,
and how long they last,
and will consider them
worth the risk
of more completely

being there.