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Friday, May 5, 2017

Susan T. Mashiyama Call Down the Angel June 3rd 2 pm Occidental Center for the Arts

Susan T. Mashiyama is a Bay Area harp player and singer/songwriter whose pieces have nature and mythological themes that are influenced by traditional and Celtic music. She was trained classically in piano and violin, and later became introduced to Irish music and the Celtic harp. She also plays the Irish fiddle. Her debut album of harp and song Dance of the Fairies is a collection of original pieces about fairies and other mythological creatures, as well as some classic favorites such as "Ave Maria" and "Danny Boy." Her second album is a collection of favorite Christmas carols and her future plans include a holiday collection of songs and pieces from different religious traditions. Susan has played for a number of years in local Bay Area venues and serves as the Music Director for the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, a church that welcomes all faiths that have love as their basis, and also welcomes agnostics and atheists, and encourages individual spiritual exploration. Susan also makes music videos that tell the stories behind the songs and music. She hopes people can feel the peacefulness and joy she feels when she plays music.

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